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cigarette butt campaign 2020
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The last WCD in Iran was a real success as we didn't expect so many people to join us due to Covid, but despite all difficulties with this pandemic, and although we did not send out any significant announcement except a few on our Instagram account, more than 7500 volunteers from all the 31 provinces came out to clean up urban areas and outskirts from the waste as well as some previously determined locations in tourist attraction like hiking routes, forest, beaches, etcetera. In addition to those volunteers, we had great success in drawing politician's attention to our activity. Some government officials, for example, members of the city council of Tehran, which is the capital of Iran and a metropolis with a population of about 10 million, joined us on that day to clean up the longest and a fascinating street in the Middle East, Valiasr avenue which is about 17 kilometers long, drawn from the very north to the south of the city.

cigarette butt campaign 2020

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cigarette butt campaign 2020
Nima Zare
September 17, 2020 8:00
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