Grey St Park Cleanup -Serco Green Ambassadors - Avon Valley
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Grey Street Park
Located on the corner of Ford and Grey Streets a park with natives planted freely over the area. Meet at gazebo area at 3pm, Please bring Heavy duty gloves and wear boots and trousers. If you have a grabbing stick bring that. Please be mindful that there are mosquitos and reptiles in this park. Do not put hands or feet where you cannot see.
If we have time we will clean along the walk trail to Avon tce and get a coffee. This is the same day as the motor show so may be a bit of extra litter for us.
Thank you, It will be a fun and purposeful 2 hrs, many of the wildflowers are out at the moment, as well as bird and animal activity. We look forward to your company. Think globally, act locally!

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Grey St Park Cleanup -Serco Green Ambassadors - Avon Valley
Julie Snedden
Sep 18, 2021
3 to 5 pm
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