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Virtual layer for hybrid events
Virtual layer for hybrid events

International conferences, expositions, annual general meetings, democratic events and social movements.
All conveniently hosted on our digital platform.
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MultiCityTV is a COVID-19 safe and cost-effective virtual event platform

Developed in collaboration with top IT- and Event Marketing companies. From formal conferences to entertaining events - it's tested, it works!

Virtual Conferences and workshops.



Stakeholder meetings

Events that require ID-identification

Trade fair and conference solutions

Our Marketplace platform has been designed to deliver cost effective B2B fairs by removing the need to develop your own costly platform. Uniquely customisable, the platform offers events a dedicated landing page, one that hosts both the live and on-demand content as well as sellable exhibitors and sponsors sections.

Pre, live and post event there is the ability to book and attend one-to-one meetings with exhibitors as well as sign up to participate in breakout sessions.

The platform offers simple and effective plug and play solutions as well as a quick to market set-up that is born out of a single landing page design..

Online ecosystem for hybrid events Virtual layer connecting people at borderless events

Unlimited amount of virtual booths
1:1 meetings, Group chats
Calendar software for inquiries
International Networking
Interactive features: Chat, Polls, Voting
Matchmaking software & breakout rooms
Custom API development
White-label portals.

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