Let’s Do It World proudly honour, and extend the deepest appreciation to, our Patrons and Ambassadors. Their commitment and dedication have been the driving force behind our organisation's resounding mission.

With boundless enthusiasm and a shared vision, these remarkable individuals have spread the message of positive change across the globe, creating an instrumental role in making our shared dreams a reality. 

Faatiha Aayat, Youth Ambassador

Faatiha Aayat is a 12-year-old 7th grader, originally from Bangladesh but presently living in New York, USA. Besides being a World Cleanup Day Youth Ambassador, she is a children's rights activist and climate campaigner who regularly raises her voice against global warming, climate change, carbon emissions, fossil fuels, etc.

Additionally, she is the author of four published books and has pursued the professional development programme on ‘Becoming a Leader’ from the University of Harvard’s Department of Continuing Education. At her Youth Ambassador elementary graduation she obtained the ‘President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence – Gold Certificate.’

Faatiha runs her own organisation named ‘CHILandD’, where she works on climate, health, information, and learning and development issues. She became a champion in ‘My Goal – For A Better Future’, organised by the UN Environment Programme. Her prototype of Space Rover Perseverance and Helicopter Ingenuity has been nominated for display in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

She also received the Amazing Artist Award in the ‘Ocean Under Threat’ category at the Advena World Art Competition.

Christine Figgener, PhD

Christine Figgener is a German marine conservation biologist, author, science communicator, and ocean advocate, recognised for her work in sea turtle conservation and the fight against plastic pollution.

"As a sea turtle biologist, I have seen the pain and suffering that plastic pollution is causing to our marine wildlife over more than 15 years. Already-endangered sea turtles ingest plastic, lose flippers and other body parts because of plastic – and often die a slow and painful death as a result.

While this is not the only threat sea turtles face, it is a threat that results from our human lifestyles, conveniences, and individual actions, just as much as from our consumption-centred economy. Our plastic pollution crisis is a global problem – a problem that often seems overwhelming – a problem that cannot be solved by one person, but only collectively.

Naturally, it was a great honour to be named an Ambassador for World Cleanup Day, giving my face to the global effort of mobilising and inspiring people to do their part. It’s also a great honour to go out on World Cleanup Day and repair some of the already existing damage, and be a role model for a plastic-free lifestyle and conscious consumption beyond that single day."

Kristjan Järvi

Kristjan Järvi is a pioneering Estonian/American conductor, producer, composer, and arranger.

"Let’s Do It World is imperative because it creates meaning and gives an opportunity to take ourselves to the next level of humanity. All levels are involved in Let’s Do It World’s environmental actions – personal, local, and global!

By taking responsibility for ourselves and our environment, we create a new reality. Mankind’s attitude towards deciding what to do and what not to do has become decisive. The movement that has grown out of Estonia into the world is an eloquent story about the magnitude of the Estonian mindset and its relationship with nature and itself.

Let’s Do It World is the super-contribution of all the world’s citizens and an example of bringing the world together in a unified way of thinking."

Merle Liivand

Merle Liivand, from Tallinn, Estonia, is an internationally competitive swimmer, ‘aquapreneur’, CEO of Swimera, Triathlete, open water swimmer, international spokesperson, and World Cleanup Day Ambassador. She is known mainly as a Modern-day Mermaid and Ice Princess who never stops exploring life and passion for the world of water.

Through her extensive campaigning, she has championed changes to ocean-related laws, resulting in the World Economic Forum naming her the front voice regarding climate change and oceanic pollution. The Mayor of Miami Beach even named her birthday, 17 April, after her as ‘Merle Liivand Day’!

She holds five Guinness World Records and continues her path as an athlete and Ocean Ambassador. Last year she won Hollywood’s ‘Short Film’ award and was named there as a Global Influencer.

Her biggest dream is to see every single corner of Earth cleaned from ‘Plastdemia’ – her own term for the plastic pandemic.

Elina Nechayeva

Estonian soprano Elina Nechayeva is a rising star in the world of opera, performing on concert and theatre stages around the globe. Elina is a free spirit whose voice is unconstrained by gravity’s force and whose charisma enchants both connoisseurs of classical singing and pop music fans.

Elina represented Estonia at Eurovision with her song ‘La Forza’. In 2022, Elina released her new single ‘Planet B’, in which she expresses her painful feelings about the future of our planet.

Through her music, she explains, "We don’t have a Planet B – another home somewhere far away in the sky – if we destroy this one. There is only one planet Earth! Let’s take care of our beautiful green planet and each other, because we are one!"

Elina is donating 50% of the proceeds from this song to the World Cleanup Day campaign.

Johann Urb

Johann Urb is an Estonian-American actor, producer, renowned self-development coach of energetic mastery, and the creator of the Pyramid Breath method.

Johann empowers people to embrace their authentic selves, leading them on a journey of self-exploration that encompasses all dimensions of their being. His deep insights continue to motivate and uplift those in pursuit of a purposeful and balanced life.

"Growing community through shared experiences is the most natural thing, bringing people together to achieve greatness and closeness. I work with people to do cleanups from the inside out, and World Cleanup Day encourages us to address our outward environment. It’s a perfect fit – we clean from inside, we clean the outside!"

"We’re better together. As within, without – as above, so below, representing pure alignment with our joint values."

"I want us all to open our eyes and see the world in front of us. Empowered action, creative meditation, feeling a true connection to it all – that’s what I want to bring to the World Cleanup Day movement, a real sense of togetherness.”