Let’s Do It World proudly honour, and extend the deepest appreciation to, our Patrons and Ambassadors. Their commitment and dedication have been the driving force behind our organisation's resounding mission.

With boundless enthusiasm and a shared vision, these remarkable individuals are spreading the message of positive change across the globe, creating an instrumental role in making our shared dreams a reality.

Ursula von der Leyen,
The President of the European Commission

“I am very proud to be the patron of World Cleanup Day. We need to change the way we treat our planet, be more mindful of its resources and preserve its biodiversity. Everyone and anyone can contribute to this.”

Roberta Metsola,
The President of the European Parliament

“Pollution, waste management, and resource sustainability are all concerns that we at the European Parliament take seriously. And this is why movements such as World Cleanup Day are so important, to continue the pursuit of our environmentally friendly ambitions. Your leadership and dedication to address waste-related issues is admirable."