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The token is available for all people who participated at the World Cleanup Day 2022.
The 2022 tokens are available until 17th December 2022.

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Volunteer opportunities

We invite you to show us World Cleanup Day 2022 through your lens on the 17th September 2022.
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Cleanup organizers

Are you organizing or planning to run a cleanup event? Come and register your event and invite volunteers to participate. Your cleanup event will appear on the global World Cleanup Day map and you can share the link to your social media. In some cases we redirect you to the national page to register your event, but don’t worry – it will also appear on the global page eventually.

We can provide you the Toolbox on how to organise cleanups and also marketing materials to help you promote the event.

If you can’t organise an event on 17th September, you can still register cleanup event falling before or after World Cleanup Day and the results will be counted.
  • Toolbox for Cleanup Organisers
  • World Cleanup Day Marketing materials


Are you interested in participating in cleanups for World Cleanup Day?

Please check the cleanup map and find an event close to you. If there a no cleanup events close by, consider organizing one by yourself. You can find instructions on how to by scrolling up this page. Or just crab a pair of gloves and bags and make an individual cleanup.

Be part of the global movement of environmental heroes and register your effort!
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In 2021, we strongly suggest any event organizers to closely monitor their country’s regulations and official advice about event restrictions due to Covid-19. An event organizer should be ready to change any plans or to cancel events. Cleanups can be organized where possible and allowed.
  1. Organizers may gather people for cleanups with a recommendation to restrict the number of participants and to spread cleanup locations out so as to avoid people coming in close contact with too many attendees.

    Cleanup orgnizer resourcesCovid-19 suggestions
  2. Individual cleanups. As an alternative to large gatherings, people can be invited to clean their surrounding areas with their families or individually without massive gatherings.

  3. Digital cleanups. If you find you are restricted in your country, or the situation doesn’t look favorable for traditional cleanups, or you want to engage target groups with a higher risk for COVID-19, we propose a clean up you can do within your organization or home – a digital cleanup, deleting digital trash from your gadgets. Find out more about digital cleanup here.

World Cleanup Day has engaged more than 70 Million volunteers since 2018. Our goal of 5% of World population still needs to be reached.
Help make this happen by donating - 100% of the proceeds will go to organizing World Cleanup Day and different environmental programs around the globe. Let's do this for a waste-free world!

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