Our Values

At Let’s Do It World, our firm conviction lies in the power of collective action and positive partnerships as the catalysts for vital transformation. The path to restoring a waste-free world demands united efforts across society's spectrum.

We infuse optimism and faith into every collaborative endeavor, extending an open invitation to all those driven to contribute to essential solutions, regardless of background.

Let’s Do It World has three core values:


We extend an inclusive invitation to individuals and groups from the public domain, businesses, and non-profit sectors who share the belief that nature should remain free of waste. As the saying goes, "For swifter progress, journey solo; for enduring advancement, journey as one."


Our approach revolves around seeking resolutions rather than assigning blame. Our emphasis lies in fostering constructive transformation and addressing the issue of 'trash blindness' through innovative solutions.


Transformation occurs within individuals and by means of individuals. Leadership is not confined to a select few; it is a capacity that can be cultivated by anyone. Our focus centers on enabling a fresh cohort of leaders who are dedicated to fostering a waste-free planet through local initiatives and global collaboration.
If our values resonate strongly with you and inspire you to join our global effort to make our home a cleaner place, please contact your local LDIW Regional Director.