Asia and Oceania Leaders Academy 2022

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Leo Lin
October 24, 2022

Right before World Cleanup Day, our Let’s Do It World Asia and Oceania Leaders held an Academy 2022

Asia and Oceania Leaders Academy 2022 was held from 29 to 31 July. During the post-COVID period, we still gathered more than 70 attendees from 16 countries to participate in our virtual Asia Leaders Academy after struggling with fund-raising issues and a lack of in-person engagement owing to COVID-19.

Leaders Academy had the pleasure to learn from the seven guest speakers from different backgrounds from industries and governments, to share their professional perspectives about how to extend our sustainability plans and efforts during the post-COVID generation. Dr. You Ren Hsu’s presentation inspired participants to think deeply and comprehensively about circular innovation for agriculture. For example, the photosynthetic bacteria (PSB) solutions could benefit both land and farmers while Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) could help manage energy and waste control. Their agricultural examples impressed our Asia and Oceania leaders a lot, and the Taiwanese leader even sought further local cooperation with Dr. Hsu after the meeting. For the Ocean Cleanup, Dr. Niven (KPMG ASPAC ESG leader) showed that land-based sources accounted for approximately 80% of marine pollution globally and pointed out that offshore/blue carbon removal is still a problem, leading the audience to brainstorm the solutions from local clean-ups.

It is not only about learning, it is also about inspiration! Long–term partner of the LDIW network in Asia, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), was given to have Tour de Lord to see the beauty of Taiwan through their eco-friendly cycling movement. CGM was a long-term partner and supported the Taiwanese team for over 5 years. Tour de Lord and CGM are dedicated to the harmonious coexistence of people and the environment, aligning with the concept of WCD and SDGs in recent years.

The highlight of this Leaders Academy was the Youth Speaking section to present their environmental effort and raise environmental awareness. The Academy not only provided the teens a stage to present to the world but also proved our emphasis on a new generation. The students expressed their passion and love for the planet via the original rap and dance with meaningful lyrics, which greatly moved the participants. Furthermore, four groups of Taiwanese teenagers showed the long-term environmental protection projects they had practiced, delivering the message that everyone could make a big or small influence to make our homeland a better place regardless of age and resources.

In the end, the core team of Asia Leaders Academy wanted to appreciate all the Let’s Do It World leaders, WCD partners, and eco enthusiasts attending from all over Asia-Pacific. From WCD headquarters, we had Heidi Solba (President and Head of the Global Network in LDIW), Nima Zare (Board member for the West Asia Region as well as leader for Let’s Do It Iran), Pal Martensson (Board member for the Oceania Region and Zero Waste expert) and Leo Lin (Board member for the Asia Region and country leader for Let’s Do It Taiwan) attending our event and promising their attendance for Asia Leaders Academy 2023!

We will host Asia Leaders Academy 2023 in Taiwan as a real gathering, and the in-person and virtual events will be facilitated by Heart Valley ESG Education Park, an influential social enterprise in Taiwan. Please keep your eyes on our updates regarding Asia Leaders Academy 2023!

Right before World Cleanup Day 2022, an Academy was held by our Let’s Do It World Asia and Oceania Leaders
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