World Cleanup Day 2022: Cyprus united for first historical joint cleanup

Written by
Gerly Alp
September 17, 2022

Cyprus has been represented in World Cleanup Day since the very beginning. The first cleanup on the island took place in 2018, albeit with just one half participating.

This year will be recorded in history, because both the Greek and Turkish sides of the island are coming together to clean their joint home.

World Cleanup Day leader for Cyprus, Andreas Angeli, predicts that about 70-80 people on both sides of the island will join the operation. He adds that the passion and spirit to do things together and change their environment for the better is sensible.

Cyprus is no different from many other countries when it comes to most commonly picked-up trash. The biggest issue is cigarette butts, and the second is a post-covid consequence - facemasks.

17 September 2022 marks a great start for the whole Cyprus to join together and take collective responsibility for taking care of their beautiful island.

Year 2022 will be recorded in Cyprus's cleanup history.
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