Digital Cleanup Day is on 19 March 2022

Written by
Pille Piir
February 18, 2022

Digital Cleanup Day is taking place on 19 March 2022 worldwide. We invite individuals and organisations to delete unnecessary data and files - such as duplicate photos and videos - from your devices, to reduce your carbon footprint and stop climate warming. With this action, together we can reduce the carbon footprint of humankind and slow down climate warming.

The Internet and the supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2 each year. At the same time, 90% of created data is a waste – it will never be accessed after its creation. This means we produce hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 and contribute to climate warming without anyone's benefits.

The carbon footprint of the Internet and the supporting systems account for about 4% of global greenhouse emissions which is equal to the amount produced globally by the airline industry. The ICT sector is predicted to consume 20 percent of the world's total energy by 2030.

75% of the total digital footprint is produced by individuals. Most people used to think digital world is separate from the physical one and that it has no real impact. Sending an email, taking photos, streaming videos, creating files, backing up - each digital move consumes energy and creates CO2 contributing to climate warming. There are trillions of photos and videos created every year and most of them will be forgotten. While these individual activities may seem to have a low impact, when combined together their impact is huge.

The coming years predict a shift towards a green digital future. But all this has a price - growing amounts of digital data and digital waste that contribute to climate warming.

Let's Do It World has created the initiative Digital Cleanup Day that fills the most important gap - enabling a greener future without contributing to climate warming nor destroying life on Earth.

Join the Digital Cleanup Day as individuals or organisations! Let's cool down the planet!

Here you can find materials to engage more people to Digital Cleanup Day ( new materials will be added constantly).

Let's Do It World invites individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and stop climate warming.
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