LDIW Global Summit 2022

Written by
Heidi Solba
July 14, 2022

LDIW hosted a Global Summit last week at which more than 30 leaders from different countries gathered in Estonia, following more than two years of post-pandemic restrictions. Reflecting back on the event, the first word that comes to mind is "bonding": it was a reunion that creates the essence of our global family. 

This reflection was also inspired by the many pieces of similar feedback given by the leaders who participated in the gathering. For example, “I feel so privileged to have met so many kind souls who shared their incredible projects, experiences and challenges. I came home inspired and grateful to be a part of such an amazing network” were the beautiful words from Elisabeth Toth, from Austria. And similarly, “I didn't know what active and smart people we have in Let's Do It world. I'm surprised, and it inspires me so much – you can’t imagine” was some great feedback from Giorgi Aziarshvili, from Let's Do It Georgia. 

I already knew about many of the projects being run by the LDIW family, but I was still amazed by all the knowledge and wisdom that the leaders shared about their various green projects, which aim to shape the environment in their countries. Not to mention the diversity of the challenges and solutions, which in turn showcase the diversity of the world itself.

It was so empowering to work together on multiple Let’s Do it World strategies, led by the leaders of the network themselves through a number of workshops. This fact alone gave a real sense that we are really working together towards the same goal.

It is very evident that our network has grown, not only in size, but above all in our capacity to work on green projects. To work on deposit systems for waste management, or to work on education—just a few great examples out of many. Getting wiser, more experienced and stronger—this is the new essence of the Let’s Do It World network!!!

The second word that comes to my mind is "gratitude", and a sense of accomplishment along with it. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been together with all the leaders who travelled this far, as well as all those leaders who tried to come, and all the wonderful people who attended through zoom. Also to all our headquarters team, and the partners who have supported us on this journey!

The wildness of the Estonian countryside, the event location with the Pärnumaa and Klaara Manni hiking roads, as well as beautiful Soomaa, gave a strong undercurrent of meaning around the purpose of our existence—to protect nature, and to work together for our common home around the world.

Full of positive energies and inspired by diverse ideas and the great minds of people, together with the breathtaking nature of Estonia, we promised to meet more often. We have to do this because it is the biggest secret component of our network. Just by coming together, we are empowered. Just by sharing, we get stronger. Hope to see you again soon, and let’s do it!

Thank you, National Foundation of Civil Society of Estonia, for supporting the event and making this happen!

More than 30 leaders from different countries gathered in Estonia for LDIW Global Summit 2022 - a reunion creating the essence of our global family. 
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