Indonesia is far from giving up because of ongoing pandemia

Written by
Andy Bahari
August 22, 2022

Indonesia’s theme for this year's World Cleanup Day is "#kami13juta Untuk Indonesia Bersih dan Bebas Sampah" which means we are the 13 million for Cleaner and Waste Free Indonesia. In 2022, WCD Indonesia is predicted to bring in around 1,5 million volunteers due to the uncertain situation about covid and monkeypox, but we are still proceeding with high spirit.

Implementing the 3 values of WCD into our movement - cooperation, inclusivity, and positivity - we are planning to strengthen the cooperation with stakeholders, especially the government at the ministers level by inviting more different upper-level governments to support this movement. We are hoping to lay a stronger foundation for the ease of future coordination between the government and WCD Indonesia.

Beside Cleanup activity, we are also promoting less organic waste production from home due to its destructive impact on our landfills by producing huge greenhouse gases that impact our climate. In the upcoming years, we definitely start moving into #beyondcleanup programs such as consistent waste segregation campaigns, making coenzyme, etc. We believe in order to tackle waste, we must combat waste from the source and where the waste is trashed on our environment altogether.

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