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March 25, 2022

Ukraine's largest environmental movement Let's do it Ukraine launched a project on the first day of the war that collects international humanitarian aid from various countries. The resource and financial donations support volunteers, children, women, the elderly and all victims in their homes, shelters and storages in Ukraine. The organisation is included in the Unified Register of Recipients of Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine and officially cooperates with the national platform "Cooperation".

Let’s do it Ukraine SOS is a social project created by the All-Ukrainian Youth Movement Let’s do it Ukraine with support from the international Let’s Do It World movement, which assists to provide food, hygiene and basic medicine as well as humanitarian aid from abroad. The organisation provides support for logistics of humanitarian goods from other countries, documentation and transportation across the border, unloading, further delivery to the coordinators of regions, cities and towns.

Second format of Let’s do it Ukraine SOS is providing citizens with essential resources. This format helps to develop a support network even when a green corridor for humanitarian aid has not yet been built but local food warehouses, shops and pharmacies are open. Volunteers buy food, medicine, hygiene products and distribute aid to citizens upon request.

More than 1,200 activists from different parts of Ukraine are taking part in the project. Since the first day volunteer teams, redistributive depots and humanitarian aid hubs have been created by the organisation.

During the first 20 days of war, Let’s Do It Ukraine received and distributed more than 230 tons of humanitarian aid. Volunteers have already purchased and distributed UAH 1,000,000 of charitable contributions - food, hygiene products, basic medicines, baby food, diapers and much more. Part of the funds was spent on logistics.

Leader of the All-Ukrainian Youth Movement “Let’s do it Ukraine” Yulia Markhel comments: “We are grateful to everyone for their support, grateful to our volunteers, foreign and Ukrainian partners, all those who make donations and send humanitarian aid convoys. Big or small, your donation is extremely valuable to us. Even one dollar can be a lifeline for a Ukrainian. We have launched an extensive volunteer assistance network in Ukraine. Our activists are looking for people in need and are working hard to help them in this difficult time. Everyone's support is important!

Support the project now at and save thousands of civilians with us. Your actions save, heal and give Ukrainians the opportunity to continue living.

Let’s do it Ukraine SOS assists to provide food, hygiene and basic medicine as well as humanitarian aid during the crisis from abroad.
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