Kyrgyzstan fixed the date of World Cleanup Day at the state level.

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Chynybaeva Aijan Adamkalievna
September 8, 2022

Kyrgyzstan is about to celebrate World Cleanup Day for the fifth time.

Date of the World Cleanup Day is now fixed at state level in Kyrgyzstan.

A major event occurred in Kyrgyz Republic shortly before the environmental flash mob — President Sadyr Zhaparov signed a decree "On the National Cleanup Day and 2023–2025 Action Plan to create efficient infrastructure for household waste management". This day will be scheduled in the national events calendar every third Saturday in September and every third Saturday in April. Thus, Kyrgyzstan is the first country to legislatively fix a "clean-up" date at the state level.

This step will enhance the involvement of the country in solving environmental problems and promote the adoption of efficient viable programs and educational projects in the context of nature protection.

Kyrgyzstan launches the "Taza Muras" (Clean Heritage) national program on World Cleanup Day. Within two months, the residents of the country will organise large clean-up events. There will also be a contest for the cleanest region, city/town, rural council, and district.

Representatives of the state and local authorities, social institutions, and business structures, along with environmental activists, will take part in the global event on September 17. As in previous years, top officials of the country and the Cabinet of Ministers will join the environmental flash mob.

World Cleanup Day: Let's do it together!

Kyrgyzstan is about to celebrate World Cleanup Day for the fifth time.
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