‘Our’ President Honors ‘Our’ President!

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Jim Sharman
February 23, 2024

Let’s Do It World is thrilled to officially announce that our President & Head of Global Network, Heidi Solba, has been awarded The Order of the White Star (IV Class) by Estonia’s President, H.E. Alar Karis. 

[Heidi Solba (President, Let’s Do It World) and H.E. Alar Karis (President, Republic of Estonia) – credit: Raigo Pajula (Office of the President)]

Heidi’s award has been conferred in recognition of her unwavering dedication to environmental voluntary causes since 2016, the year in which she joined the Let’s Do It movement to help plan the first single-day coordinated World Cleanup Day campaign in 2018. 

President Karis presented this year's state honors at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu earlier this week. The Order of the White Star was instituted in 1936 to commemorate the fight of the Estonian people for freedom. It is bestowed on Estonian citizens to give recognition for services rendered in state public service or local government and on foreigners for services rendered to the Estonian state.

Heidi’s continued commitment to building, maintaining, and growing the network of countries and territories that take part in World and Digital Cleanup Days, as well as other projects such as SEEP and the Baltic Sea Campaign, has been recognized by us all for years. But to have it recognized by her home country,  was clearly a very moving experience for her.

Yet, even then, with typical modesty, Heidi is determined that this award should be dedicated to the entire movement, which started here in Estonia as far back as 2007, driven by such influential figures as Toomas Trapido, Rainer Nõlvak, Anneli Ohvril, and many, many more.

Heidi describes in her own words what this award means to her and to the movement itself.

“I am deeply grateful for the White Star of the Republic of Estonia merit badge. This merit symbolizes a long-term commitment and cooperation in Let's Do It World, where we have been leading the World Cleanup for six years now, engaging 95% of UN member states and officially affirming our place in the UN Calendar.

The last nine years in this global joint project (three of which was a preparatory phase) have primarily grown good people as well as good leaders. Cooperation and collaboration have been the foundations of our journey and, as an African proverb says, "If you want to reach fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Our greatest power, a unique global network of countries with their leaders and teams, has been the engine for implementing the World Cleanup and moving forward on our common journey – so a big thank you goes to all the world leaders and their teams who have contributed to this.

Many thanks to our headquarters team in Tallinn, whose dedication and contribution have been an inspiration in achieving our goals, and each of them deserves a separate reward.

I express great gratitude to every person who initiated, designed and volunteered to contribute to the idea of the World Cleanup concept.

It has been an extremely important role – we have all been environmental brand ambassadors, designers, creators and promoters of World Cleanup Day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone – family, friends, colleagues, network, supporters, believers, and, of course, the country and the government, who have stood for all of us and supported our efforts. Thank you all so much!”

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement as we collectively honor the hard work, dedication, commitment, and effort put in by everyone who has helped put Let’s Do It World very much on the map over the years and has elevated the significance of what we all stand for – people, cooperation, positivity – and a waste-free world!

LDIW is celebrating the fabulous news that Heidi Solba, our President & Head of Global Network, has been honored by the Estonian state for her years of dedication to our movement. Read more about what this means to her – and to us!
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