SEEP is expanding in Africa

Written by
Pille Piir
February 21, 2022

Let's Do It Namibia is about to launch the Sustainable Environmental Educational Program for schools called SEEP in Namibia. This interactive and engaging program starts with different kinds of environmental projects in 50 schools in Namibia. The project is supported by SEEP digital platform tools and materials as well as the program mentors. SEEP is also in the preparation phase in Tanzania and Tunisia.

SEEP is launched with the digital platform programmed by Ionut Iordachescu from Let's Do It Romania. It enables schools to learn from platform Toolbox and get the support from program mentors, so it will be easy to create and perform school green projects. The platform enables schools to register their projects and to indicate their expected results from the projects. Projects will be evaluated by the independent jury and winner projects will be awarded. The platform will also work as a library of best practices from schools, with short descriptions and visually proven outcomes. For sustainability and lasting change, the winning projects are expected to engage communities and local municipalities as well as look for the long-lasting change inside the schools. Visibility of the platform and the noble cause of the project enables environmentally responsible partners to sustain and support SEEP project and contribute to environmental education.

The first pilot project is currently taking place in Namibia, financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' development cooperation and humanitarian aid funds. The project will last until November 2022 and is led by Let’s Do It World and Let’s Do It Namibia.

Let's Do It World is striving to bring the platform to more African countries and seeking the supportive funds to lead it. The platform will be working for all LDIW networks and is currently in the next stage of its development. 

SEEP digital platform has been created with cooperation with Ionut Iordachescu from Let's Do It Romania, led by Heidi Solba, Head of the Network, and piloted with Tanswell Rooinaise's leadership from Let's Do It Namibia. Many great letsdoers have been working on the project and trainings have been organised to local mentors who will support the schools during this year with their projects. Many teachers from 50 Namibian schools have been educated by experts from various countries.

Sustainable Environmental Educational Program with its digital platform will be launched by Let's Do It World in Namibia and other African countries.
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