Short stories from Malaysia, Singapore, Benin and China

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September 18, 2021

Here are some of the stories from different countries from World Cleanup Day events all over the world.

Lockdown encourages TikTok video about cleanup

Malaysia is currently on lockdown, constraining people to limit going out alone or in smaller groups. To show their devotion to the worthy cause of World Cleanup Day, people are making TikTok videos of cleaning to show to the world that even though they can’t gather in numbers, the motivation is effect change is still there! The Malaysian government encouraged people to clean up while respecting Covid-19 restrictions with the message that “however complicated it is, be responsible and take care”.

The lockdown is a good occasion for people to learn more about upcycling and recycling, because by staying at home, they have more time to give to these causes.

World Cleanup Day in Singapore

New fight: Young people VS plastic at the beach

There are a lot of restrictions in Singapore due to COVID-19, but not enough to quiet the motivation of our country: “People are still ready to volunteer despite [...] covid, people are still continuing, and that is really encouraging”.

The World Cleanup Day is getting bigger each year in this country and is especially loved by younger people.

The most important problem in Singapore is the beach, it seems like “it is impossible to be totally clean”.

Lots of groups of five people at a time started from the city to finish the cleaning at the beach. Here are the treasures that they found: “small pieces of litter that people throw, cigarette butts and single use plastic”.

Over the last two years there has been increased public awareness around waste, leading to some changes even in the government. Besides its people, Singapore can also count on many NGO as partners to support them.

Beach, please, let's get you cleaned up

Cotonou is a commercial center of Benin and the biggest city in the country.

This is also the place where in the year 2000, a Cotonou agreement was signed. The partnership agreement fixes relationships between the European Union and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. And also puts down a framework on how to tackle climate change together and support sustainable economic growth, amongst other things.

A new “post-Cotonou” agreement was agreed just at the beginning of this year.

Today, people cleaned the beaches of Cotonou from plastic waste carried there by the Ocean, hoping that legal frameworks will be as effective in actual cleaner future as they are on a paper.

Autumn festival and celebrities support

Today is a working day in China, so the cleanup magic will mainly happen tomorrow.

However, some celebrities are now in Shanghaï to encourage a small cleaning event today.

Tomorrow will begin three days off for the Chinese people, that will enable them to give their time for our mother nature!

For all we know, the larger the event will get, the more interest there will be from celebrities and people.

Leaders and cities prefer to participate in big events to put more effort into it.

The photos from World Cleanup Day from all over the world are coming up here, take a look at our gallery!

Here are some of the stories from different countries from World Cleanup Day events all over the world.
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