World Cleanup Day 2022: Ukraine is taking important steps to build up the country by cleaning up the war areas

Written by
Kristine Kriisa
September 17, 2022

Despite the war, Ukraine has gathered quite a lot of people to clean up their home country. There’s no question that Ukraine needs a big cleanup due to the war and people are stepping up every day to bring their country back to its former glory. Ukraine is doing country wide cleanup in the war zones, which also includes an online briefing on the “Basics of mines and how to ensure security to civilians”. 

This year, the estimated number of people involved in the cleanup has (understandably) decreased significantly from the previous year’s total of 311,000 people to approximately 25,000 this year. Nevertheless, altogether, there are 24 regions and 1200 locations, which is a very big outcome given the difficult situation. We are definitely celebrating with them in such a successful cleanup!

Ukraine has actually been cleaning up actively in their country for quite a long time now, since the beginning of the war, and this has become an even bigger mission: not just to clean up the trash but also to rebuild and clean up the destroyed cities. For example, since April, young people from the organization Repair Together even organized cleaning raves in the bombed houses. This added a new twist to cleanups – doing good while having fun. They are putting on their most fancy and colourful club clothes and making the best out of this difficult situation.

Despite the war, Ukraine gathered tens thousands of people to clean up their home country in 2022.
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