Ukrainian organisation received the UN award for humanitarian missions

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Heidi Solba
November 1, 2022

On September 27, 2022, the official award ceremony of the United Nations Organization - UN SDG Action Award 2022 took place.

The all-Ukrainian youth movement Let's Do It Ukraine received an honourable mention for the implementation of the international humanitarian project "Let's do it Ukraine SOS".

The finalists were chosen from among 3,000 nominees from 150 countries.

"On behalf of our entire organisation, we express our sincere gratitude. This award gives strength and motivation to continue our important work of humanitarian mission! We will keep going further. In particular, we plan to continue to seek humanitarian aid around the world to help Ukrainians, open houses to support volunteers and implement informational and educational programs for internally displaced people. We will also continue the implementation of our environmental programs and involve all our fellow citizens."

- noted the coordinator of the international humanitarian project "Let's do it Ukraine SOS" Yuliya Markhel during her speech at the award ceremony.

The project was created in 2022 during the first days of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Even today, it continues to save the lives of civilians, providing them with the essentials: ​​food, hygiene products, basic medicine and clothes.

During the period from March to September, "Let's do it Ukraine SOS" volunteers managed to:

  • gather and distribute 3,030 tons of humanitarian aid
  • provide humanitarian aid to 422,113 Ukrainians
  • distribute 106,248 food kits  
  • organise the logistics of humanitarian aid to different parts of Ukraine.

During all these months, 119 20-ton trucks and 174 5-ton cars delivered humanitarian aid to different parts of our country non-stop. In total, support to Ukrainians was provided in the amount equivalent to 46 million US dollars.

Now, the organisation is also actively working on the creation of a network of humanitarian shelters for IDPs "Let's Do It Ukraine House" - shelters for IDPs and co-working centers for volunteers are arranged in old buildings, so that civilians and activists have a safe place for living and remote work.

Support the project by making a charitable contribution to the official account

Information about the project:

The story of Let's Do It Ukraine SOS began with the initiative of a simple hub in the capital to provide Ukrainians with basic assistance. However, in just 70 days, a small idea grew into a whole humanitarian network in 18 regions of Ukraine. Today, more than 2,300 volunteers from different parts of our country participate in the project. It is strengthened by cooperation with ministries, departments, military and city administrations, social services, and the national platform "SpivDiya".

Citizens, socially responsible businesses, foundations and non-governmental organizations have already provided assistance: Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Portugal, the United States of America, Great Britain , Moldova, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, join us, maybe your contribution will save a human life.

The project was also supported by: "Let's Do It World" international movement, PepsiCo Ukraine, humanitarian direction of Nova Poshta, HYDROSCAND GROUP Estonia, "Biosphere" corporation, "Voloshkove Pole" company, "STASI NASINNYA" LLC, All-Ukrainian Volunteer Service, Ukrainian Catholic University , "SpivDiya" national platform, local organizations and caring citizens, as well as: PepsiCo Foundation, Global Empowerment Mission, World Central Kitchen, Help Ukraine Center, Help people, Charities Aid Foundation America, Vitaukr, Let's Do It Italy, Let's Do It Romania , R. Kennedy Human Rights Italy, COLORS FOR PEACE Association, Giorgio Grasso Contemporary Art Foundation Association, Ukraine Florence Lilea Onlus Association, Chiacchiere Italiane,

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An honourable mention for the all-Ukrainian youth movement Let's Do It Ukraine.
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