World Cleanup Day and World Wellness Weekend Join Hands for WCD 2024

Written by
Jim Sharman
June 19, 2024

World Cleanup Day and World Wellness Weekend are thrilled to announce a coming together of action-oriented mindsets ahead of World Cleanup Day 2024, which will be observed on 20 September, a day that this year features for the first time on the official UN Calendar of International Days and Weeks.

Tomorrow marks three months to go until 20 September, so this mobilisation partnership between World Cleanup Day (WCD) and World Wellness Weekend (WWW) enables both movements to combine their extensive networks in union, and on the exact same weekend, meaning that the whole planet can engage in activities that clean up both our inner and outer environments simultaneously!

Active in over 150 countries worldwide, and coordinated out of their Belgian headquarters, WWW encourages millions of people to resume a regular physical routine after the summer, instead of waiting to make New Year resolutions.

Taking place over the 3rd weekend of September, it is supported by many in the health and wellbeing sector – spas, gyms, fitness centres, etc., but also by government ministers, and city mayors with 8,000 wellness venues offering fun and free activities, such as fitness classes, yoga, outdoor activities, relaxation, and massage workshops, for people to discover and try out with friends, colleagues, or family.

Led by the Estonia-based NGO Let’s Do It World (LDIW), WCD is an annual consciousness-raising event, focusing on the need for permanent solutions to the global mismanaged waste crisis, and addressing pollution both in cities and in nature.

Previously held on the 3rd Saturday of every September, from this year it is a United Nations Calendar-recognised International Day. So, this 20 September, tens of millions of volunteers, from almost every nation on Earth, will gather to clean up discarded waste and to lobby for permanent, lasting societal change in our attitudes to waste management.

Commenting on the significance of this union of movements towards a common goal, Heidi Solba, LDIW President & Head of Global Network, said, “There is a universal connection between human well-being and living in harmony with the environment. By caring for our surroundings, and aligning WCD with WWW, we foster a holistic approach to taking care and improving both our inner and outer environments.”

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, WWW’s Founder, added, “Hand in hand, WWW and WCD encourage millions of people and thousands of corporations and institutions to act for “Wellness For All” on the weekend of 20 Sept. The first step is to clean up nature around us, the second is to declutter our busy minds through guided relaxations and meditations. Together, we encourage people to become #WELLfluencers and #CLEANfluencers, making a world of a difference in every country!”

On Friday 20 June, both Heidi and Jean-Guy featured in a Facebook Live interview, during which both discussed in much more detail their respective movements’ activities, as well as their vision for a healthy, waste-free world. Visit the World Cleanup Day Facebook page to view the whole recording!

Everyone has the responsibility to be a custodian of our environment – and individually we can directly and indirectly influence others to keep our inner and outer environments clutter- and waste-free.

Join us on the weekend of 20–22 September to help create the waste-free world we all wish to see inside and out!

World Cleanup Day and World Wellness Weekend are partnering up for WCD 2024 and look forward to mobilising tens of millions in coordinated cleanups, both inside and out. Read more about each movement’s excitement about this union!
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