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Britten Piller
October 26, 2022

World Cleanup Day Thank You token: let’s talk about NFTs and Sustainability

On the 17th of September, on World Cleanup Day, Let’s Do It World launched the first program of limited edition Thank You tokens in celebration of 5th World Cleanup Day. We’re also celebrating the growing global movement uniting people from all parts of the Earth with the mission to create a waste-free world. We want you to remember that your contribution has made a big difference in the world and we can’t thank you enough!

The token is created as a personal certificate and a big THANK YOU for everyone’s contribution and to welcome all the participants into our big Let's Do It World family.

The token can be claimed by everyone who took part in the World Cleanup Day 2022 activities and is available for 3 months -  until 17th December 2022.

World Cleanup Day 2022 NFT

From the 1st of October to the 1st  of November, the first 100.000 participants can withdraw their token as an NFT stored on Polygon blockchain.

World Cleanup Day 2022 offers an open edition of non-transferable NFTs representing one collectible work of art created by an Estonian artist duo Tõnis and Marilis Kenkmaa. The illustration is available only to this year’s participants.

Having your World Cleanup Day token is also an opportunity for you to support the World Cleanup Day community, and spread the word and awareness. You can simply do that by setting it as your profile picture or sharing that you have claimed your World Cleanup Day 2022 NFT. Each year, new artwork will be created, so they become collectible.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means that the token is unique and can’t be replaced or replicated. Tokens can represent ownership of digital art, certificates and merit badges.

NFT is created or minted from digital objects that can represent both tangible and intangible items, for example, digital art, videos, music, collectibles, GIFs, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

NFTs can be stored on many blockchains – Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, etc. World Cleanup Day NFT is stored on Polygon Blockchain.

Learn more about NFTs here.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchains for Web3.

On the 12th of April Polygon published its Green Manifesto, which started a new, sustainable era for the Polygon ecosystem. It also marks the start of eliminating all of the network’s carbon debt going back to inception and making the chain climate positive into the future.

Their first milestone was to reach carbon neutrality, which they achieved on June 21 2022 in a partnership with KlimaDAO*.

Furtherly, on the 14th of September Polygon announced the Going Beyond the Green Manifesto. In that manifesto Polygon states taking action on six categories: waste, emissions, equity, supply, nature, and education. They are exploring how blockchain and Web 3 can play a big role in solving these global problems.

*KlimaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for change. Their team is a collective of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs who are widely recognized as pioneers in the nascent, on-chain carbon market. KlimaDAO has brought transparency and accessibility to the otherwise opaque voluntary credit markets.

You too can retire carbon credits to offset emissions by sending a love letter to the Planet with the help of KlimaDAO. Each time you do that, you help directly fund projects protecting our Planet from climate change.

Polygon has also pledged $20 million for a series of community initiatives aimed at utilizing Web3 to create a more sustainable future for all, including new solutions for on-chain carbon credit retirement.


One of Let’s Do It World’s core values is cooperation and unity. Let’s Do It World is always open to individuals and organizations from the public sector, corporations, and civil society who believe that waste does not belong in nature. Our idea of unity is built from a shared vision and goal for a cleaner planet.

One of Let’s Do It World’s goals is to create a bigger sense of belonging to the big World Cleanup Day family. That’s what a “Thank You” token creates – so every person, who has contributed to the movement, could have a piece of art representing their work.

We stand by the quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The “Thank You” token program is strongly run from the same idea and everyone who contributed to the launch of the “Thank You” token shares with us our core value – being united.

One of our biggest partners in creating the “Thank You” token is In Estonian, KOOS means “together” and “alongside”. KOOS is built so companies can reward all the contributors fairly for their real impact – they believe this makes for a fairer world and we couldn’t agree more!

The artists behind the “Thank You” token design are Mariliis and Tõnis Kenkmaa – an artists duo from Estonia! They truly believe that “together we can do everything,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done during their 10 years of working together.

And that is absolutely true – our big goals can be only achieved when we all unite!

Our Partner

The token program is created in collaboration with our partner –  

KOOS is a stakeholder incentivization platform, where companies can reward all non-employee contributors fairly for their real impact on organizational goals. We believe in democratic ownership where everyone can benefit from the proceeds of their contributions. This makes for a fairer world and a sense of belonging to a motivated community where your contributions are noticed and rewarded.

KOOS enables WCD to issue reward tokens that mark our gratitude for each token recipient’s effort and help. As there will be specific artwork for each year, these tokens will become collectibles

Learn more and claim your NFT today here!

See a detailed guide on how to claim your NFT here!

Let’s talk about NFTs and Sustainability
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